About the Author

MARGOT DENOMMÉ practices law in Toronto, Ontario, where she lives with her husband Rob and two daughters. The book was inspired out of concern for the social pressures facing today’s youth, including bullying and body image pressures, particularly for young girls that contribute to insecurities and low self-esteem.  The story is designed to initiate dialogue with children (of all ages) about finding true beauty from within.


About the Illustrators

MADISON and BROOKE DENOMMÉ-WARREN are high-spirited and confident young girls. Madison, 12 years old, enjoys track and field and volleyball. Brooke is 10 years old and loves acting and paddling. Both girls are passionate about art, and since creating the illustrations for Mommy, Am I Pretty? have been involved in a number of the author events and enjoy answering questions about their artwork in the book.