Music inspired by our book

Mommy, am I Pretty? has led us on a wonderful journey. My daughters Brooke and Madison and I are so pleased that it has inspired so many readers, parents and educators and are genuinely humbled by their support. Singer/songwriter Donna O’Connor teaches music to young children in her studio and understands the many struggles they face. Inspired by our book’s message, Donna wrote a fabulous song entitled ‘You’re Pretty Because You’re YOU’. Performer, singer-songwriter Brian Roman added his voice and support with a brilliant rendition of Donna’s song called ‘I am’. I thank Donna and Brian from the bottom of my heart for sharing their gifts with us, and joining me in spreading my message to children that true beauty lies with-in each of them.

~ Margot L. Denomme

From the moment I opened Mommy, am I Pretty? I was captivated. As a music educator and songwriter, I feel the message is timely and vital! I needed to be involved. Writing music to these enchanting drawings was my way of reaching out to future generations. ‘Be how you are, from the inside, out.’

~ DONNA O’CONNOR, singer/songwriter
   Beach Music Studio, co-owner & educator

The wonderful message to children in Mommy, am I Pretty? resonated with me on many levels. As a father I am aware of the insecurities and challenges that face children every day. This book celebrates who we are as individuals. As a child and young adult I followed society’s conventions and expectations, and the path they set for me. Finally, at the age of 42, I found the strength to be true to myself and followed my dream of becoming a musician and performer. Inspired by my own journey to self-discovery and acceptance, I perform my version of Donna O’Connor’s song from a father’s perspective. I call it ‘I Am’.

~ BRIAN ROMAN, performer, singer/songwriter.