Beauty comes from within each of our hearts. This is the core message in Mommy, Am I Pretty? and one that offers children balance in a world where they are inundated with messages that their value is defined by physical beauty.


Mommy, Am I Pretty? has given me the opportunity to visit many schools and Girls Empowerment Groups to share my message with children of all ages and empower them to celebrate their unique qualities. Since my first visit as keynote speaker at Holy Name of Mary for their Father/Daughter Social in 2013, my school tour, Celebrate You! has been gaining momentum. Together we celebrate the importance of developing ourselves from the inside-out by being confident, kind, strong, inclusive and unique. We also talk about the many false images in the media that define beauty. Teachers and students alike have embraced my countering message that true beauty comes from the inside. After one of my elementary school talks, a young girl approached me and quietly said that she had never felt that she was pretty, but now that I had taken the time to explain what being pretty meant, she felt that maybe she was after all. She asked me for a hug.


As a mother of two daughters, I keenly feel the importance that we, as parents, teachers, and caregivers must help our children to embrace this concept and give them the knowledge and tools to bolster their self-esteem.


Please contact me for more information about the Celebrate You Tour!, and to invite me to share my messages in Mommy Am I Pretty? with your school or community group. You can see a list of my recent Speaking Engagements on the Media : Events Page.


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