About the Author

MARGOT DENOMMÉ practices law in Toronto, Ontario, where she lives with her husband Rob and two daughters. The book was inspired out of concern for the social pressures facing today’s youth, including bullying and body image pressures, particularly for young girls that contribute to insecurities and low self-esteem.  The story is designed to initiate dialogue with children (of all ages) about finding true beauty from within.


About the Illustrators

MADISON and BROOKE DENOMMÉ-WARREN are high-spirited and confident young girls. Madison, 12 years old, enjoys track and field and volleyball. Brooke is 10 years old and loves acting and paddling. Both girls are passionate about art, and since creating the illustrations for Mommy, Am I Pretty? have been involved in a number of the author events and enjoy answering questions about their artwork in the book.



• The Pediatric Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery division of the Hospital for Sick Children

• The Dove Self-Esteem Fund Real Beauty Campaign

• The Ontario Provincial Police Association


Recent Media Events:

• CBC Radio, Windsor, Ontario. December 31, 2014. [ listen ]

• CBC Metro Morning Radio, Toronto, Ontario. December 19, 2014. [ listen @ 15:50 ]

• CBC News, Toronto, Ontario. December 28, 2014. [ watch @ 28:30 ]

• Global TV Toronto, “The Morning Show,” Toronto, Ontario. July 18, 2014. [ watch ]


Speaking Engagements:

• Holy Name of Mary College School, Keynote speaker, Father/daughter social. Mississauga, Ontario,

• Malvern Collegiate, Girls High School Empowerment Group, Toronto, Ontario.

• Kew Beach Public School, Toronto, Ontario.

• Parkside Elementary School, Toronto, Ontario.

• Blantyre Public School, Toronto, Ontario.

• Mayfair Racquet and Fitness Daycare, Toronto, Ontario.

• Lil' Yogees fitness group, Toronto, Ontario.

• York Girls Club Inc. Newmarket, Ontario.

• Ella Minnow Children's Bookstore, Toronto, Ontario.

• The Lakeshore Discovery School, Windsor, Ontario.

• The Bloomsbury Book Club of Oakville, Oakville Ontario.

• Sweetheart Baby Boutique, Windsor, Ontario.

• St Mildred's Lightbourn School, Oakville Ontario


painting of girl holding giant flowers from "Mommy am I pretty?" childrens book by Margot Denomme
painting of smiling girl with flowers from "Mommy am I pretty?" childrens book by Margot Denomme