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February 2019


Awesome Inside & Out

By Margot L. Denommé J.D.

Illustrations by Madison and Brooke Denommé-Warren, with featured illustrator Dr. David Maresky


Awesome Inside & Out! was inspired by the social pressures and self-esteem issues facing today’s youth. The story is designed to initiate dialogue with children (of all ages) about finding their passion, developing character and resilience, and understanding that true beauty comes from within... that is what makes you awesome from the inside out!


In this brightly illustrated picture book, twins Sam, who wants to be a performer and make people laugh, and Sofia, who loves science and wants to be an astronaut, ask their mother if they are, respectively, strong and pretty. While enjoying ice cream, their mother imparts important lessons, including that what makes a child awesome emanates from their own hearts and minds regardless of who they are, what they look like, or their gender.


In November 2013, Margot Denommé, a criminal lawyer in Toronto, embarked on a journey she never imagined. Writing and self-publishing the children’s book Mommy, am I pretty?  was a labour of love, triggered by life with two young daughters, who illustrated the book. Mommy, am I pretty?’s positive reception was overwhelming and quickly evolved into a series of speaking engagements called the “Celebrate You! Tour.” Denommé spoke at many schools both in Canada and the Unites States, sharing  the message that beauty comes from within and the importance of developing yourself from the inside-out, by being confident, kind, strong, inclusive and unique.  It turns out the Ontario Minister of Education agreed, as did reviewers far and wide.


While on tour, the one question children most often asked Ms. Denommé was, “When are you going to write a book for boys?”


With the assistance of prominent pediatrician Dr. David Maresky, whose illustrations along with those by Ms. Denommé’s daughters, Madison and Brooke, she created and now introduces her new book, Awesome, Inside & Out!


This book encourages self-esteem, strong mental and emotional health and resilience in children – so key today given the social pressures, self-esteem issues, body-image concerns and bullying facing youth in this era of social media on steroids.


MARGOT L. DENOMMÉ J.D. practices criminal law in Toronto where she lives with her two daughters. As a criminal lawyer, she has seen the devastating effects of bullying, and the impact of low self-esteem on the mental health of youth.

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Book Details:

ISBN 978-0-9920340-3-0 • 24 pages • 2019 paperback edition available in US and Canada

ISBN 978-0-9920340-2-3 • 24 pages • hard cover • available in US and Canada

Contact: Margot Denommé

Email: margot.denomme@yahoo.com

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Mommy, Am I Pretty? by Margot L. Denommé, illustrated by Madison & Brooke Denommé-Warren


Once there was a girl named Molly who wondered what it meant to be pretty. So she asked her mother.


August 2015 – Toronto, Canada

Young girls today are inundated daily with images that create unrealistic and often deceptive expectations of size and beauty. How does growing up in a culture obsessed with outward beauty effect this particularly impressionable and vulnerable demographic? This question amid concerns about raising her own two young daughters sparked the inspiration for her illustrated book, Mommy, Am I Pretty?


While walking home from school young Molly asks her mother what it means to be pretty. Molly’s mother guides her through her day at school, at home and in her community to uncover moments of kindness, generosity and confidence. Molly discovers that small gestures of compassion and friendship give us a loving heart and how trying our best at our favourite activity or sport makes us feel strong and beautiful on the inside. With this discovery she decides that being pretty on the inside is what matters most. Reading Mommy, Am I Pretty? with a child initiates a conversation on how being your best self, giving back to others, and being a thoughtful person is the true image of  beauty and one that can’t be created through photo-shop.


The author’s own daughters, Madison and Brooke Denommé-Warren, created the whimsical and captivating illustrations that bring Molly’s day to life. Their hand-drawn and painted illustrations are the perfect complement to the simple verse, offering images of true beauty in the people and world around us from a young girl’s perspective.


MARGOT DENOMMÉ practices criminal law in Toronto, Ontario where she lives with her husband and two daughters. As a mother she is keenly aware of the negative effects media has on growing girls, and wrote this book to encourage dialogue between parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, and young girls with a view to empower them that true beauty lies within each and every one of them. As a criminal lawyer, Margot has seen the devastating effects of low self-esteem in youth and the ever-increasing incidents of bullying. In 2014, Margot created The Celebrate You Tour to take her message to both schools and community groups to discuss the importance of developing ourselves from the inside-out by being confident, kind, strong, inclusive and unique.


The messages in Mommy, Am I Pretty have resonated with prominent Canadian groups and organizers including, The Pediatric Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery division of the Hospital for Sick Children and The Dove Self-Esteem Fund Real Beauty Campaign. Margot has also become involved with a number of organizations in the United States including Girl’s on the Run and PACE Center for Girls.


Book Details:

ISBN 978-0-9920340-1-6 • 32 pages • 2015 paperback edition available in US and Canada

ISBN 978-0-9920340-0-9 • 34 pages • hardcover • available in US and Canada

Contact: Margot Denommé

Email: margot.denomme@yahoo.com

Tel: 416-414-2818

For more information please visit: mommyamipretty.com